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16flshirtJoin us in Sunny Pasco County Florida!

Join us March 12, 2016!

Distances for 2016 will be 10K, 13.1 and 50k. 

Hope you can join us for an insanely fun trail run!!








DWD Florida offers a flat fast trail experience in the cypress forest. You will love the strange and wonderful botanical experience. Less than an hour from Tampa, but it seems like a million miles away from the trappings of daily life. Join us for a laid back adventure that will chase away the mid winter blues.

The Dirt Crew is back here at Dirt Quarters workin’ to make yer dirty dreams come true. The soul freein' magic of runnin’ through nature with reckless abandon makes DWD day more than special, heck, it’s almost spiritual. Life is short and we ain't got enough of such days.

We're livin' our dream with four such life liftin’ opportunities a year, like the changin’ of the seasons. A quarterly chance to check reality at the door and tear into the terrain with all senses screamin', not dreamin'! Four opportunities to avoid midlife crisis, regular visits to the shrink and suicidal tendencies, kinda like a good spankin’. I hear tell the Post Office is gonna make runnin’ DWD mandatory

Enough jabber. Grab the team and join the Dirt Crew for a winter break as we return with DWD in Florida. By then, y’all will be ready for a run in the heat and you’ll get a chance to join us! Ya may have been Boned in Indiana, Bloodied in Wisconsin and Burned in Hell, but it’s time to run fast in Florida!

Events include a 50K Ultra, Half Marathon and 10K.

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